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Ram and Ian

“Ram and Ian have played many times now at my restaurant and each time were a huge hit. Looking forward to having them back again. They sound great and are very entertaining and talented. Highly Recommend!!!!”

Nick Rando, owner of Ziti's in Natick MA

One in a Million?

Ram and Ian is a piano-guitar vocal duo based out of Hartford, CT. 


Ram and Ian first met as college freshman on a Zoom call during the height of the Covid pandemic. Ian spotted that Ram was wearing a neighboring high school's merch! How the two ended up on the same floor at the same university nobody knows. Might just be a one in a million moment.

At the time, Ian was playing in a larger band with some of his high school friends, and they so happened to be looking for a keyboard player, and Ram fit the bill. The full band never ended up performing together, but Ram and Ian jammed in Ian's dorm room almost every day of the semester. From there the Coffee House series was born and so too was Ram and Ian.

Folk, light-rock, "dad rock," reggae, soul, pop, and more are all part of their set and shaped by the energy Ram and Ian bounce off one another. The two attribute their flowing play style to the love of storytelling and expressive freedom. Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Beatles are all staples of their sets.


Ram & Ian perform throughout MA and CT. Two of their most recent gigs: November 18th at Ziti's in Natick and November 19th at Gastropark in West Hartford.

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